Minidata Profile

Basic Information Minidata was established in 1977 by Feliks Gadzinski and is located in suburb of Toronto, Canada. Feliks Gadzinski received PhD from Polish Academy of Sciences, in modeling and optimization  in 1970 and he has immigrated to Canada in 1972. Minidata offers inexpensive scheduling software.  Large and small retailers use the company software to schedule distribution center operation.
Software Development Methodology A typical project for us looks like this. A company wants to improve its distribution center operation.  We investigate the operation and problems and in a few weeks develop a prototype of the solution. Next, with closed cooperation with the customer, we keep coming with new prototype revisions until we reach the point that we can put the system into production. We offer fixed price to deliver the first prototype and fixed price to turn the prototype into working system. We use Wiki as collaboration tool and as central repository of project documentation.
Experience We have a lot of experience in distribution center operation and software development for scheduling, web applications, and modeling. We are consultants and software developers.
We use Smalltalk as the software development environment and we use  Open Source Smalltalk – Squeak  http://www.squeak.org/  .
Review of Our Software The APICS magazine, May 2000 issue includes a review of our batching and manpower planning  software for distribution center.

Major Projects

General Motors Canada
Material handling and scheduling system for car body stamping plant
Du Pont Canada
Computer integrated manufacturing system for paint production plant
Canadian Tire   Warehouse Management System
Canadian Tire Batching and manpower planning software for large distribution center
Kmart Canada Batching  and manpower planning software for large distribution center
Pillers  http://www.pillers.com/ Routing, batching and palletizing software for distribution center
Canadian Tire Receiving doors scheduling software for distribution center
Pillers Batch manufacturing scheduling software
Siemens Canada

Automatic scheduling software for sortation, batching, and manpower planning for  distribution center